Tebyan – Five Great Games Coming To Android!

When we went to GamesCom, we visited Tebyan Games’ booth – they’re from Iran which is not exactly a country well known for it’s great mobile industry but they sent us info about five of their new tablet games coming to android soon.

Little Scientists” is about a baby kangaroo that has been abducted by aliens and it is your task to save it! You’re going to do so by solving puzzles – get a ball from the start to its goal as fast as you can!

Catch the Monster!” tells you the story of poor aliens that had their homeplanet destroyed and are now migrating to earth. Unfortunately the bad guys can change their shape and hide amongst them. You have to save earth by identifying the baddies! This will be a memory game that can be played in co-op.

Speed Snake” is a racing game controlled with tilt motions. The twist: You’re an underwater snake that has to avoid enemies and of course get stuff to eat!

Vigi the intelligent sponge” is about a sponge that sucks up water and then travels to different cities to release it as rain which then cleans all the plants and flowers. And you’ll have to help getting the clouds that build up out of the suns way – you sticky hands and stretchiness will help you with your task! This game is more on the environmental side.

In “Zigul the little eagle” you’re a little eaglet that has fallen out of its nest. Get back up there and avoid falling leaves and other enemies that will get in your way!

I’d keep an eye out for these guys games. They seem to be passionate and the games have refreshing idea. We’ll have to wait and see what will happen with them!